Rico's Favorite Melees and Why


I don’t know, I’m bored right now, so I’m just gonna make a post discussing my favorite melee weapons and why I find them to be a reliable melee to use in the case of desperate situations.


Don’t be surprised this is here, the Karambit goes to show that it is a really popular choice among 100+ sweats like me and various others. Ironically, the Karambit has a lot of reach, and fucking obliterates kids in close range worse than any snap Thanos could ever unleash. The range on this thing is broken, and almost seems like the blade is magnetized to any head that happens to get a little too close what being swung. I feel like the Karambit has a large target on its back and that target is being aimed at by a nerf. But this is StyLiS were talking about, don’t expect a serious nerf to it anytime soon.

Brass Knuckles

I dunno if I’m one of very few who hold this opinion, but in some cases, I’d take the Brass Knuckles over a Karambit. First and foremost, Brass Knuckles basically turn the wielder into The Flash, since it has virtually no weight. That and combined with the two hit kill it has, the Brass Knuckles can be quite a pickup for those stupids who always like taking weapons just cause. In some cases, yes, the Brass Knuckles are a much more preferable choice to the Karambit, because of the speed. And while I would’ve enjoyed using 2 Brass Knuckles instead of one, it still does well enough. So, maybe you don’t necessarily need two Brass Knuckles.


You sure as hell can’t throw it, but it sure as hell makes up in the damage department. The relatively small Tomahawk is quite a force not to be fucked with. Being an axe, it really does deliver that chopping ability if you decide to smack someone’s backside or their head with it. The Tomahawk is a weapon that I find to be quite helpful in getting rid of those pesky melee specialists who keep jumping around you koffkoff @RedComm koffkoff. If you need the ideal weapon to actually hit that one guy who keeps sneaking up on you with a Longsword you know who you are, then get a Tomahawk. They may have a long ass Sword that can hit you from 10 studs, but you have a fucking axe. Looks like the lack of a helmet wasn’t such a great idea, huh?

Chosen One

Sure, it’s basically a reskin of the Hattori or the Longsword, but it glows, it makes a firey hum, and it has a cool blue trace effect. What more could you want from a sword? The future is now. Also, it’s really cool to use. It really makes you feel like you have…

The high ground

get it? Get it? I made a funny reference joke hahahaha ¿Donde estás mi hijo?


It’s basically a more stable Karambit, making it decently inferior, but when you start up PF for the first time, or you’re too poor to afford a case, your old buddy, The Knife is there to help you realize you don’t have to be a cool kid with a glowing white Karambit. What’s a knight without his sword knife?

Stick Grenade

I don’t quite use it anymore, but the Stick Grenade is a good representation of how desperate soldiers will get during melee fights and will rely on just about anything that hits hard enough to get them through a brutal, close range fight probably not what the Stick Grenade is in the game for but ok. A German Soldier was being overrun by American forces, and decided that it was time to use his only grenade to save the rest of his Kamaraden. He pulls the fuse, throws it, and…

Nothing. And then he and the rest of his squad get killed by the rushing American troops, fighting to destroy the progress made by the Nazis. One soldier, decided to take the dud grenade and keep it as a souvenir. That was your grandpa. And as you sit down in your gaming Chair ready to play a war game on Roblox, he hands you the grenade to use as a blunt. It’s either that or you rolled a case and surprise, surprise, you are now a Lego blockman who can fire a .50 BMG standing up who is smacking your enemies to death with a fucking Stick Grenade. It’s not even that the weapon is super good to use in combat, it’s just the variation. You’re literally beating a kid to death in game of course with an explosive. How much weirder can the melee variety get? Oh, wait…

Frying Pan

A Samurai. His Katana. Star Wars. The Lightsaber. Half-Life. The Crowbar. PUBG. The Frying Pan. What do all these things have in common? They all have a protagonist wielding an iconic weapon, and somehow, I just realized all of them are in Phantom Forces. As if using a Stick Grenade wasn’t enough, you’re now using Granny’s old Frying Pan to smack kids in the head. It doesn’t deflect bullets. But it’s a frying pan. It’s a fucking Frying Pan. Who needs well made knife bayonets, who needs a Lightsaber? When you’ve got…

A Frying Pan.

It’s a Multitool of sorts. It Cooks, it kills, and it’s sound when impacting the hard head of spoiled children makes a sound that induces lots of laughter. Who knew a Frying Pan could be a soldier’s worst nightmare, the best thing to cook an egg with, and induce more laughter than Lele Pons could ever do in her entire career?


No JKey?



@TP_ONE Don’t forget the tactical spatula. These two together will complete all your soldier needs. :wink:


Why did I get pinged?


Mentioned you as being a melee specialist


you mad that i run around with the longsword, thwacking people in the heads?


I was referring to RedComm




where is the MACHETE

  • said some random kid who slide knifes all game to troll but is ehhhhhh

that random kid is me hehehehhehe)


The jkey and the karambit are my favorite melees. The Brass Knuckles had its speed decreased to 16 like the rest of the knives so it’s basically useless now.


come on actually think here asp is oneshot



read the title.

Rico’s Favorite Melees and Why


Brass knuckles are defunct.
Change my mind.


Chosen one is the longest melee, karambit is just as fast as knuckles, and fire axe does the most dmg


Machete is for plebs who have no legendarys


exactly one of the reason i like the Tomahawk

the other is that its an axe and its small and compact, unlike the impractical Nordic War Axe


They usually are, but I just like the asethetic of punching fuckers hard

Also gives me a reason to say I’m gonna go Chris Brown on your ass


thats true doe, i still want a legendary badly lol


Opened like 300 crates in a row, there’s like 1 every 50-60