RE: How Phantom Forces can have less hackers

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I forgot who made the topic, but they suggested a verification game is made. I think there should be a bot verification sort of thing, where you must type a word spelt on screen out so it authorizes you.

Then, a sort of log in screen could be put in where you set a password. This should stop people saying “my sister logged into my account”

Once this is done, you could be let into the game.

I could imagine this incorporated with the idea of having your account linked to your discord, so if someone does fuck with your account you can just message the bot on the discord for a pass reset

I could imagine this being a very good way to eradicate hackers. It’s definitely a long process, but in return you secure your account, link it to discord, nuke the infinite jumping skids and bots.



I know you can have Roblox be linked to your discord, but I’m not sure if its possible the other way around


I mean as in verifying your name in the discord


This is stupid complex and stupid unnecessary.

This doesn’t exactly prevent anything. Any ‘hacker’ could breeze through this system. It doesn’t make a difference.

And besides, the sister excuse is ignored anyway…


TLDR for you:

put in password and bot verification
get kicked if you have not been on for more than a week or
verify your Roblox name on discord to get into the main game


Ok, now I’m genuinely confused. And that’s reason enough not to add this feature.

Also what about users who don’t use discord (such as myself)?



Memes go on the meme thread, bucko.




the discord is so you can like, request data resets if your account is hacked or a pass reset to get back in if you forget your in game password


I’m sure that no one cares if anyone gets hacked that’s just society. Perhaps saying this will persuade staff to provide you with adequate compensation… but I’d doubt it. Once again, you fail to adhere to users who don’t use discord. What happens if I forget my in-game pass? I don’t want to have to create a discord account just to keep playing a game.

And why do we even have to have a pass for the game anyway? It’s not like it’s preventing anything. Explain in full depth how this system will help anything at all.



If someone gets hacked

they cannot use your account on pf


Yeahh, I don’t think ‘hackers’ want to ‘hack’ player’s accounts and play Phantom Forces…

Besides, this is one game taking an initiative over something they cannot even control, and as such, has a very insignificant impact on the issue. These hacked accounts are very rare. Not too far from half the ROBLOX demographic is comprised of teenagers and older people who know more than well when they’re being scammed, know to avoid generic phishing sites, etc.

In the end it doesn’t seem worth it. You’re inconveniencing players to fend off a very minor threat if even that.


Its also


That doesn’t matter; they can follow through with the system and still get in…


yo imma hack your acc for no reason hehehe im using dolphin’s gui


No way until that I’m also kid with no hacks