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@Darkman_Bree, I want you to answer these questions in preparation for your upcoming mathematics tests for the years to come. I’m sure they will be very beneficial for you and your critical thought process. When you answer them, tag me so that I may check your answers. Good luck! :slight_smile:

  1. Dianna is a New Zealand convenience store clerk. The average male gets paid around $22.30 NZD (New Zealand Dollars) per hour for this job. She gets paid double time for working overtime. She is only required to work 36 hours a week, but instead works 42 hours. How much does she get paid at the end of the week?
  2. Two friends Paul and Blake are competing against each other in an endurance race spanning 2500km (~1553 miles) Paul is a young African American male whereas Blake is an old Asian male. Who will win the race?
  3. Anapatricia got bullied a lot for her freakishly long name. If she is in grade 10 and is currently on her period, how many times can she withstand being teased before she shoots up the school and when will this happen?
  4. Lucy stole from the cookie jar. Assuming her parents are asleep, how long before she is deported?
  5. Jimmy is a tall Caucasian male in his late 30s. He’s at the train station coming home from work with his grandmother Susan. He checks the time. It’s 5:50pm. The nearest hospital closes at 6:00pm, is 16 kilometres (~10 miles) away and Susan is in her early 100s, how much will her casket cost?


Boy, I always hated math problems in school.
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Do you watch American’s Got Talent? I sometimes watch British Got Talent. There are YouTube videos of it.


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You should
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Rescue 911 is an American show. A true classic. Give it a watch, you may get a vibe


I was looking forward to marking your work, but here are the answers because I have nothing better to do rn.

  1. New Zealand’s an a’ight place, so males and females get paid equally for the same job. However, the manager is a sexist and pays her female workers more than her male workers. Hence, Dianna’s estimated payment is ~$25 NZD. For working 36 hours she is paid $900 NZD. For working 6 hours overtime, she is paid an extra $300 NZD. Hence, she receives $1,200 NZD at the end of the week.
  2. An endurance rance typically refers to extremely long motorsport races. Because Blake is asian, he will drive eratically. Hence, either both Paul and Blake will die, only Paul dies, or Paul refuses to race against Blake after evaluating the consequences. More times than not, Blake wins decisively.
  3. Anapatricia will withsand being teased 12 times. She will not shoot up the school since she only ever used to be bullied prior to grade 10.
  4. Lucy will be deported immediately. There are security cameras monitoring the jar at all times and lasers to call authorities as soon as contact is made with them.
  5. $5418.03 USD (United States Dollars).


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