Publicly addressing this last week


I’m genuinely curious where you got that idea from, because that’s not what’s been going on.

And maybe if you actually paid attention to what shay’s been posting and actually read it too, you’d know he acknowledged a lack of communication which they’re working on rectifying. Even then, it’s not like there’s been a total lack of communication, rather it may not have been in places you have been present.

People like you make it really difficult to justify communicating when all they get is complaining and false accusations of “sucking someone’s dick”.


I guess you have a pretty negative image of me painted. I’m not here to convince you otherwise, nor am I here to apologize to you. If you take personal issue with my actions don’t play the game, simple as that. Your response I do feel doesn’t give me reason to continue this conversation any further. I’m not going to take an hour out of my day to convince one person… Especially if I’ve already explained myself to them.


Look, I’d like to believe you have potential to be a good guy. I really, honestly want to. But that’s kind of hard when you act like a complete jackass for basically no reason.

Time and time again, you’ve done shit like this. And on several occasions you’ve apologised. See what Ssuka posted above. Time and time again you’ve said you’ll change, but here you are, doing the exact same shit you always do.

First time you did this shit. Everyone got pissed. You apologised. Got a two week ban, and came back. Nothing had changed. Then you started spamming pointless threads, and when people got onto you about it, you started acting like a little entitled piece of shit and pulling that classic ol’ victim card. And more and more incidents, like with Torush, where he literally just joked around like he usually would, and you went fucking apeshit on him.

Even comparing him to Seraphim – quite ironically, might I add.

Mate, it’s not you the lot of us hate. It’s your fucking attitude. We’d love to have you around if you’d stop acting like such a cunt and taking literally everything as some personal attack, or starting arguments for the sake of starting arguments, and when people get pissed at you for it pulling the victim card. We’d love it if you didn’t flip your shit whenever you get a reply you don’t like. People are dicks, and that’s just how the fucking world turns. Becoming and being a dick does nobody – yourself included – any good whatsoever.

So stop being such a cunt.

Cut Shay some slack, because he’s made it well-known he’s aware of the gap between the devs and the community. He’s trying to remedy that, but by being a prick about it you don’t exactly make his job any easier. You don’t exactly encourage him to give you what you want. And to sort of repeat what he’s said, it’s pretty simple – if you don’t like it so much, why play the game? Move on to something that you feel is more worth your time if you hate the game.

If you choose to continue playing the game and complain about the things you don’t like in it, but then effectively lash out at the developers when they try to interact with the community or at least explain why they can’t fix/haven’t fixed it, then you have literally no right to complain.

I agree with you, Velocity – things like hitreg are a major problem. Something you and several other people here have gone on about, and something that needs to be fixed. Bullshit excuses have been given as to why it’s not been remedied. But when you come in like a high-and-mighty cunt like you did it only makes your case worse.

So just stop being a cunt, okay? That’s literally all I’m asking here.

If you want us to stop hating your shitty attitude, lose it. Hellcat did. You can too.


Don’t muck with the devs unless you have a legitimate issue, and even then bring it up politely. No insults or any of that nonsense.

I learned that the hard way.


Everyone should try the test place now.

Yesterday when I played, the hitreg was amazing!


Weird flex,but okay


I’m waiting for the updates i’m rank 102 so that kind of overload


And the AWS is oppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp 2500 muzzle velocity btw




can I get a like


it used to be horrible with its garbage drop but now that is not a problem


It still is at really long ranges.
Or maybe that’s because I’m addicted used to my mosin.


I guess it’s your mosin addiction