Publicly addressing this last week


Oh, ok. Thanks.


Well to start off, we’ve been actively trying to move toward documented weapon stat changes the last 4 months. in a manor that’s easily interpreted. Something in which i’m guessing you know little to nothing about… Telling me the Vector is overpowered is a statement that seems to be unsupported on it’s own since it’s power has been addressed and revised multiple times. This problem really arose when we had two differing opinions on the topic of balance, one of which would push changes with little notice, and or documentation. The other being on the opposite side of the spectrum making a blanket update with minute details recorded in a word doc.

Please don’t bring up hit detection either. We do have a guy who’s dedicated to keeping fluid detection while making sure it’s not exploited…

If you expect us to continue support for the game monetization is also important… We can’t keep the game afloat without some sort of liquid income… This whole situation is riddled with rumors and misinformation…

Also, what do expect us to do in response to a video? Nothing? Because i’d rather take steps to prevent something like this from happening in the future, and address some of the weaker points that were brought to our attention then to prolong an issue, even if the general statement of a video is flawed.


All the things I said were based on what I experienced. don’t tell me what I can and can’t say


Well your original post addressed two Youtube videos… So the opinion you hold i’d assume is influenced by them in some way… But what ever, your entitled to it, not forcing you to play our game.


out of curiosity, what problems did the two cause specifically? it’s okay if you wanna keep it confidential


If I’ll be completely frank with you Shay, putting Mar in charge of alot of the new balance changes was an extremely good move.

While some balancing decisions were rather off-putting at first, the overall results have been spectacular in retrospect.

As to the infighting, I honestly don’t think keeping shut about it was the best of moves. It’s better than many, but having seen the action taken? It was a bit more than a surprise to the community. It gave those who dislike you yet another reason to despise the StyLiS name, which as you know are many.

Regardless, I wish good luck to StyLiS’ future, whatever it may hold.


Refused to work together and make compromises on topics completely… Pretty much creating a divide within our studio and making it impossible to converse civilly without issues arising. It just made work impossible without being distracted by a frankly toxic discussion. Thus brings us to now…


Glad you feel that way, I do see how it’s a double sided coin though. Balance is completely subjective, felt at the time organization was important.

  1. Thank you for the documented weapon changes.

  2. Vector is more overused if anything, but even it is trumped by the Honey in terms of usage.

  3. Again, hit detection is pretty good, aside from shotguns. Nice to know Raspy’s doing his damnedest to make sure it’s servicable.

  4. Again, I hope the infighting ends. Lack of cooperation makes everything shitty.

  5. I can’t bother with this enough, but sorry for being so toxic way back. It was a dumb move on my end.


Heh, I just re-read that incident. Comical almost.


I’ve promised myself that I would be less toxic when going over updates, and react a little more professionally when I think balancing is a bit awry or if the maps are dumb. It was a bit hard with the pump nerfs and the initial hitreg change, but I’m slowly starting to get a grasp as to why the devs do what they do.




Much better.

Also, @Toothless change the damn TradeMark symbol. It looks poopy. Unlike you. You’re perfection.


I’m fucking dead.


You were a dev before?


Here, I do think this fills in a lot of the gaps in said videos.


No. That would imply that I would at least half-understand what StyLis does from the very start.


Why are you being toxic to Shay?


Then you would have even more respect for the devs and mods. Yknow the guys who keep tge game running?


Can we have What_Evan highway lot map Fan-made Highway Lot Remake


I’d be willing to add it to the vip server private rotation, wont be replacing the current highway lot though.