Problems with votekick


Lately, I have been running into more and more toxic players, cheaters, and just all-around scummy players. Our only defense against this is to votekick them, which almost never works because a massive majority is required and most cheaters’ teammates vote no because as long as they are winning they don’t care.
I think there are only 3 ways in which this could be fixed.
1: lower the majority requirement
2: add a report system so if a player gets pf reported too many times they will be suspended or admin will be contacted
3: add a mute system. like /ignore:subaru79. you no longer see their chat messages until you /unignore them. i don’t make many multiplayer games so I am not sure what kind of impact it would have, but a lot of games incorporate this with success.

I don’t want to tell you how to do your job or anything I just am addressing a problem that we all have yet nobody seems to speak up about.

thanks for your time and any comments/feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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The problem with the new votekick system is the system itself, the old one worked perfectly cause people only vote kicked IF THERE WAS A PROBLEM, mainly because to type out /votekick PistonsofDoom took a lot longer than pressing Y. If they added this system back it would work a lot better than this new system. Which is flashier but just won’t work.


someone tried votekicking me but forgot the “/” people asked why, he simply said “cuz he too good”


Our report command is quite useful, not perfect, but we’re trying.

Though i agree, we need to fix votekick.




This is actually a good idea

But should it work like teamchat in other games tho?


To be honest I think we should change the votekick. The person who gets votekicked should be banned from all servers for 10 minuets. Reason i say this is because the player literally rejoins. I saw a exploit where some guy killed literally his team by rejoining on the opposite side of the team he was on. Like he rejoined so fast it was crazy. Votekick or not he would of still rejoined which makes the votekick useless.


No actually…

I’ve been kicked from a self initiated kick and I couldn’t rejoin the same server. So honestly that has been dealt with already


As a workaround, some people over in Discord have DM’ed/pinged game staff to deal with exploiters, foulmouthed players and the like. It usually gets the job done.


hackers: dont spawn in
scummy players: stalk and kill them, then tea bag
toxic: turn of chat, end of problem.


wait you can press y? im just a fast as hell typist then.