Problem with lagspikes


Hi there,
Lately I’ve been experiencing rather high lag spikes, where my latency goes as high as 1500ms for a moment before it drops down back to an more average 60-90ms. I was wondering if it was possible for me to do anything in order to reduce the lag spikes I’ve been experiencing lately. I have two lag spikes about every minute, however it does not always follow this rule and some times does not lag or lag more.
Some screenshots of the network analysis inside of roblox:


This is a Roblox Problem, Not a Phantom Forces problems. Servers seem to be pretty shit at handling heavy loads


Damn, alright. Hopped there was something I could do about it on my end.


fps drops are phantom forces/your computer’s fault

ping spikes are roblox/your connection’s fault


Pretty much what TP said; it’s a problem with the Roblox engine and also likely in part because of your computer. But regardless of the computer you’re on, Roblox has a really shoddy engine.


I’m hitting pings in the 9-15k. It has gotten so bad that time seems to stop and speed up at random. My stand has no weakness and lasts entire minutes before time starts again. Camping hill is amazing because I’ll get bonuses for standing on the hill, even if it was taken while time stops.

I get the xp for standing on the hill without capturing it by messing with time. I’m essentially King Crimson in a way…


This must be the work of an enemy Sutando!


hi guys


You tell me that, and my computer can’t support Fortnite. Yet this piece of s*** can handle me spamming M60 all over the f***king place.


Can we just ignore the fact that my expensive gaming laptop can’t reach a consistent 60 fps and drops heavily several times? Other games don’t have this issue. Q - Clash has this same issue. NERF BASTON


Your first problem is that you’re playing Fortnite.




Ok cool