Prioritizing on all notification


Because I care more than probably should for this website, I set my notifications to all, meaning I get notified when anyone replies, posts, likes, etc.

A problem is that I can only guess when the replies are for me and not for someone else, so I have tendency to miss some replies entirely. It be nice to have the notification that are to me are highlighted in an orange or gold color, so I know its about mean and not someone else.

Simple idea that be a great quality of life improvement.


it shows in “suggested topics” if somebody posted
why do you need notifications on “all”

also if you join the discord you can turn “#website-feed” notification settings to all so that you can see what it is before clicking


Its discourse, not stylis software.


I like to fallow conversations and always have something to look at. Sometimes when a post gets up to 15 replies its hard to fallow and I miss some posts.

I don’t really use discord all that often so that wouldn’t be too helpful.


i’m confused on what you mean here


Stuff like this


click thread, scroll up



Don’t put noticfactions on all porbelm sovled


This Meta suggestion should go the Discourse themselves, it’s just a platform for StyLis to host the forum we talk in

Also, your 30 notifications is because you made the topic, so therefore the topic is set on “watching”

You see, there are 4 levels of notifications, which can be accessed at the bottom left of the thread, or beside the scrolly thing on the right side of the screen, the blue dot the

Basically that thing

Honestly, it’s doesn’t matter for me