Premiere Skins


I don’t know what else to call this because I kinda stole this name, and idea, from that one fighting game called Injustice 2. If you don’t know what is Injustice 2, it is a fighting game of DC superheroes and super villains, and also non- DC third-party fighters. In Injustice 2, there are premiere skins on certain fighters to prevent having “clone characters” on a fighting game. For example, you can play Reverse Flash as the Flash’s premiere skin, or you can play as Mr. Freeze as Captain Cold’s premiere skin. These premiere skins doesn’t affect gameplay, but to look cool…I guess. So I want this feature added to Phantom Forces, but on guns. Just as I mentioned before about “cloning,” this will prevent players to ask for guns that are variants, copies, or have most similarities of a gun in Phantom Forces. For example, the M16A1 can be a premiere skin of the M16A3, or the AKS-74U can be a premiere skin of the AK12U. These premiere skins may change animation and iron sight or scope, but will not affect gameplay. For example, the AK12U and the AKS-74U will have the same partial reload, but when you empty every single round, you will pull the charging handle on the right of the AKS-74U, instead on the left of the AK12U. It will have the same stats as the original gun in Phantom Forces. Just like Injustice 2, these premiere skins can be obtained through crates. There will be an another section for particular guns called “Premiere Skins.” Putting it in crates will add more meaning for grinding for more credits, just like the melee system. So I got some premiere skin ideas for the guns in Phantom Forces.



BFG 50
Steyr HS .50
Barrett M99

AK47/AKM (some guns may be a little higher than 600 RPM)
Chinese Type 56
North Korean Type 58
Karabinek-granatnik wz.1960
Zastava M70
PM md. 63

ASM-DT (you’re not fighting in underwater, so might as well use 5.45×39mm)


This idea may cause some controversy, but tell me what you guys think. You may suggest some “premiere skins” if you want to, but it has to make sense, such as same ammo capacity, same cartridge, or looks identical to one another. Fire rates that are little (NOT HIGHLY) off can be fine.


yes. But pls no barret, I love the gun but i think it’ll be too op. Even if it for high ranks they’ll abuse it and low ranks will buy it


Did you not read my post correctly?


lol learn to read


Mosin Nagant
Lee Enfield





ZIP 22


M16 get turned onto C7?


M4A1 as: himself


So like a reskin skin?


So, this is like the tf2 reskins right?




M60: cannon with a giant ‘NOOB’ on its side


Hecate II: cannon with a giant ‘NOOB’ on its side


Sorry xd


About this though, I think it should be unlocked like an attachment. Get … kills with … gun and get … version


No, that would be too easy


It would be around 5000 to 7000 kills which means 50,000 XP to 70,000 XP from just that weapon.


Okay, I didn’t feel have having these skins anyway I guess