Plz fix dust


As i have played dust i think its ok but it to much like old suburbia.

  1. You can’t climb over or on the walls.
  2. You cant snipe from the tower.
  3. Domination and koth are just cancer.

Please give this map some brighter colors and widen up the halls a bit. Also make it so we could climb on or over the walls like all pf maps.


first of all im just saying but

  1. that map is not even close to finished (correct me if im wrong)
  2. it isnt a actual map (was an april fools joke)
  3. if they are actually going to make it they are going to add textures and make it a lot better.


The map was made for April fools, its bad on purpose.


But wait, what if it was a legit completed map, but the “joke” was that it has no textures and such?




It was made low quality on purpose just since it is a joke.




Why not simply remove the map?


it’s a joke map, they’re going to next update




actually the removal depends on if, majority of #DustorBustPF shows otherwise support for the map.


this map is best map shut up
now i can rush b p90 without getting yelled at by everyone


I doubt it will if people have any form of dignity.


Honestly #dustorbust