Please look Mar


New you


New yew


knew you


Old you


Wot? :neutral_face:


If hellcat doesn’t get to @Mardemon first
What the fuck was your guys’ deal anyways? You two hated each other, why?

EDIT: Oh this is a two month old post.
Seriously though, why did hellcat5 hate mar so much? I don’t get it.




And by the way, what’s with all the drama about hellcat5 lately?


ive met raspy, scotter, axis and shay
some youtubers ive met are: simulated, paradox tommy, paradox panda, fuzzypanda, syn.


his posts were a offensive and toxic, and he tried to change but idk he got banned


First thing I saw were those Bal tracks.

Is that a problem? Cuz I gave it a very crossed look, like one of murder.


heh, the times before the famas nerf.