Please help


I’m planning to buy the kriss vector or the ak103 or the ak105. Which one should i buy and WHY?


Now, I don’t have ak103 or ak105, and I have vector bcuz I bought early(and received quite a bit of salt so I stopped for a time).
I am simply going to describe the vector. It has predictable recoil. It can absolutely shred people in cqc faster than they can get out a BFG shot :grinning:
At longer distances, such as medium range, it performs well enough, though I feel is outperformed by UMP45. If you’re using it at long range, stop taking weed, and simply use a long range secondary e.g. SFG 50 Obrez or maybe ZIP 22 if you’re skilled enough or brave or stupid


ok thx man. Any other ideas bois? pls recommend meh.


no. you’ll make yourself look like a fool

you could buy the AKM instead, tho the AK-47 is already good. but the AK74 is my go-to AK

the AKU-12 is good in CQC


so ak74 is better than akm?


Coming from a Mac-10 and Vector main, I can tell you this: The vector is GODDAMN awesome!

High RPM, mobility, reload time, and most all: TTK.

Slap some HP on it, and you are guaranteed to have a blast at close range combat.


depending on your playstyle, if you’re an aggressive assault like me, the AK74 outguns the AKM in terms of RPM, making it more optimal in CQC

though I’d use an AS VAL in this case.


The FAL 50.00 is clearly a better choice because it’s superior to everything.


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I recommend the AK103 as an all - rounder. It can compete with the AKM with a little bit of aim practice. Just pull down while firing so the bullets start hitting your enemy, since the recoil on the gun is progressive and not impactful


alright thx, just bought it :smiley:


thx, btw i was the guy that talked to u in pf and said that i was a big fan of u xD


Yep, nice meeting you, looking forward to more combat.


I like the Kriss it’s pretty good


neither. go vector and sfg for maximum salt


Go BFG and SFG for make-your-game-lag salt


I played with miinh last week
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