Please buff armour piercing(AP)

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AP should increase min damage (my suggestions is 1.2×)


Used to do that when it first appeared in test place, it ended up making some guns have higher min damage than max damage. Ex- AG-3 went from 45-35 to 36-42, literally making it a full-auto DMR.


oh well it should come back for certain weapons


Armour piercing makes damage dropoff start from 0 studs, as well as decreasing max damage to 5/6 of its original value.

However, it gives a 20% torso multiplier boost, which stacks on top of existing torso multipliers. From 0 studs, hitting the torso will deal the equivalent damage without armour piercing applied.

This makes it more viable at range, as the torso multiplier boost can decrease the HtK number on some weapons. (e.g. weapons with 19 min damage will bump up from a 6 shot kill to a 5 shot kill.)

Armour piercing also increases the penetration stat of the weapon by 50% of the existing penetration stat. This allows bullets to pierce thicker walls.


Although it the lower max damage effect isn’t too great on guns that have a high max damage and a torso multiplier like the Scar SSR so using AP on guns like that don’t put you at a disadvantage at all.


Yes, it does reduce the range of weapons due to the less max damage/0 stud dropoff range combination. This may be problematic with weapons that rely on headshots.

Take for example, the SCAR SSR. With 57 * 2 (headshot) damage at max damage range, it can one-tap heads to a range of approximately 166 studs. With AP, the max damage becomes 47.5, which equates to 95 damage. This removes the one-tap head trait of the SSR, significantly neutering its performance if hitting headshots.

However, this may still be fatal for injured enemies.


How about delete 20% more torso multiplier boost and add increasing min damage


The current system does increase minimum damage by 20% for torso hits.

It would be game-breaking with the old AP system, as buffing minimum damage would render some weapons with a constant drop in HtK ratio. For example, the MK11 with the old AP system was a two-hit anywhere on the body. This unbalance is noticeable, and would occur on many other weapons.


honestly, imo, AP should either add to headshot multiplier or leave it alone, cause I f AP causes overpenetration, to the head, that’s a bit more deadlier


it also was a thing when it first appeared in-game normally for the first day or so


it would be more sensible to add bleedout and bleedout times


it would be more sensible to expect you to not necropost ever again


i don’t know about that chief