Please Add Timer to Lobby Menu

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Phantom Forces is a great game, however some things about the game annoys me. It would be nice to know what time the round is at via the lobby screen instead of the joining the round directly. As such, some maps I dislike and it would be nice to see this feature added since many users, including myself, take breaks during maps we dislike.

Should be relatively simple to implement, but then again that depends how the round timer was coded.

Just to clarify, this suggestion doesn’t remove the timer in the round itself but rather adds a timer to the
lobby for a utilities aspect.


The timer could be above or below the map name in the menu.


I like this idea too, how about the team points thing to?


I’m still impressed this hasn’t been a thing yet.


What about the old map image?


I believe this is something incredibly easy to code, and quite surprised no one brought this up till now…


It’s the small things in life


@RedComm Adding an image of the map would be useful. However, they’re working with fairly limited space on the right side. As for spectate, that is already possible. If you click on the player but not deploy, you’re essentially spectating said user.


To answer your question, look to the right of this image.


Sure but the right corner is much more populated graphically than before. It wouldn’t be efficient to cluster everything to the right side of the user’s screen.





In all seriousness, this would benefit a lot of people. Feel free to support.


crying animation

They will add it


Hope so.


Any other suggestions to the one I made? Curious.




Purge and merge


bumps own topic for little to no reason



When you struggle with figuring out which map it is and then, you gotta join the map just to figure out something simple… You’ll see why I bumped this. : )


nope, it’s actually not that hard


It’s a struggle. Ok.