Pistol suggestion:MK23 SOCOM


A bit of background info:The MK23 SOCOM is the predecessor of the world famous USP.45 , it uses the 45.ACP cartridge, it was designed in 1990’s and the production started in 1996, it’s considered a match grade pistol due to the impressive 2-inch group at 27 yards, the 45 rounds are powerful but subsonic making it very quiet even without a suppressor(this will apply in-game)

Damage:50 max -> 35 min

RPM: 510(fire cap is very low)

Range : 45 max -> 70 min (sits in the middle of the M45 and M1911’s min range)

Muzzle velocity: 1450/studs

Recoil: quite low (partly due to it being a bit heavy)


Accuracy: very high
Hip accuracy: low-mid
Sight accuracy: in the middle

Head:1.6x=80 max-> 56 min
Torso:1.2x=60 max -> 42 min(it’s in the middle of the M1911’s 1.1 and the desert eagle’s 1.3 torso multi)
legs: 1x

Walk speed and ADS: slighty faster than the m1911/m45

And one more thing, if you put a red laser it turnes into a LAM system shown below:


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Out of 15? That’s an odd scale, imo.
Anyway, seems decent with what it has, although more polishing is required.


could you list some changes that are needed?


Maybe later. Got other things in Discord to do, as well as requiring some rest for the beginning of 2019.




I like.






ok why lol


ok fine


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beg me to undo it


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that’s 2


Did you put a nerf on the muzzle velocity since it’s a subsonic round that being slowed down even more by the surpressor? That’s a common trait in subsonic round chambered surpessed weapons.


I just made the velocity equal to the osprey suppressor.


Let’s not give it the ability to one tap to the head…1.5x?


It drops off 45 studs so anything farther then that will be around 99-80 so it take two hits to kill
maybe it’ needs a slower RPM to balance this out.


It’d be more consistent with the .45 handguns already in-game if it had a lower head mult though