Pistol Squad


So my peeps, I have devised a fun gamemode all of us could play together, a gamemode I have named…

Pistol Squad TM

Pistol Squad is basically a gamemode where everyone has to use a pistol. The pistols that cannot be used are:

Serbu Shotgun
Sawed Off

All pistols allowed are:

Deagle 44
MP412 Rex
1858 New Army

These are the only rules you have to follow
We also need someone who has a private server sooooo, anyone has a private server?

Here’s the account I’ll be using for this: https://www.roblox.com/users/540939556/profile


If it’s a pistol only gamemode, then where’s the fun in banning 50% of the pistols available?

You may call it balance, but I call it fun-rotting (The ideas for balance ruin the gamemode).


Go friend Veteran or Q_71


K thanks


replace banned weapons with sfg


Forcing people to use specific weapons because the game mode was randomly selected is a bad idea, suggest when/if voting is added.

Not going to elaborate further, god knows I’ve said this too much.


Fine lets do this but with ALL the secondary’s…

I’m in est and can play all weekdays at 12:00 to 1:30