Pi's Thoughts on Prison Break Map


When oil came out, I was surprised that the map was so well made. Nobody complains about it getting picked, and all in all, the community is quite happy with it. Then, Stylis released Prison Break this weekend, and it’s even better.
Prison Break is mostly built for CQC, but also has open areas with cover for snipers. It’s detailed, but doesn’t lag even my crappy computer, and most of all, It’s easy to get a feel of where you are. The map doesn’t seem to have a problem with spawn killing, every room has at least 2 entrance/exits in it, and there is an abundance of cover wherever you look. The map also has a lot of color, which is a nice change from the browns of luck and the grays of oil. The only problem I have with the map is that the most open area in the map is only about 100 studs long and quite narrow, so long range snipers may feel a little crippled.

Over all 9/10. good job Stylis!


It even fits CTF in my opinion.

Would killstreak with FAL there again.


Lags my PC pretty hard, but it’s still an excellent map. 8.5/10


oh no you like CTF


Yes duh.


Laggy on macbook 5/10.


It’s a MacBook


Not everyone has an rtx9000


it lags on a fuckin mx130


Juicy kill feeds with my AS-VAL on that map.