Pimp My Gun Dump


Then why not just use pure magic to propel those bullets at light speed?

Add the whole case too, while you’re at it. That’s 60% more bullet per bullet! Or so that hobo said.


Yeah uum… Our bullets are already 3 times faster than light speed.

And the case… well…

We used magic that every case that flies out, gets teleported inside an AN-94 that jams it.

1 bullet fired = 1 jammed AN-94



You hate the AN-94 that much?

Must have been because I kicked your ass with one.


My alt didn’t had any FAL’s.


Tsk tsk tsk.

That’s why you git gud with every weapon you can. Especially the lower ranked guns.


That’s what I am doing…
But I was on a laptop… not main PC.


Right. So was I. Your point?

I understand if you had to suffer playing on the touchpad, but if you had a mouse, there’s not much room to complain.


Are you going to buy this FAL 50.19 MDN product yet?
It’s no reskin.

But I didn’t include the Uranium Self Destruct this time.


No thanks.

I’ll stick to my AN-94.

Least it won’t blow up in my face.


Destroys blueprint of a murder attempt on Camaro.

I have no idea what you are talking about.


I also prefer that my own weapons don’t kill me through cancer because that would be bad.

I’d rather fill my enemy with lead with my gun than my gun fill myself with radiation poisoning.

Russians may be crazy, but at least they don’t fill their crazy reliable weapons with dangerously radioactive elements and a NUCLEAR SELF DESTRUCT. Only the easiest way to get a country to send nukes your way on purpose.

Also, at least the AN-94 DOESN’T TEAR MY SHOULDER OFF WITH SHEER RECOIL. And that’s coming from a guy whose shoulder didn’t hurt from firing 12 gauge 3” magnum slugs.


In another attempt to murder way to satisfy @CamaroKidBB
DPC created…


This is totally not rigged to explode.

I am the import code!



Just looks like an AK sniper dressed up as an SVN-94, that is probably rigged to explode. And even if it’s not it would probably launch itself into space and tear my shoulder clean off with the recoil of a bullet going 3 times the speed of light.

And knowing your, erm, affinity to the AN-94, it’ll probably jam a ton.


Why won’t you give it a try hm?

Evil laugh


LOL my SVD-12 look better


Ah, I see you’re using my design!


Read the above comment bef…


You’re trying to kill me? How ‘bout sitting down to my Saiga-12U?


Saiga-12U but it fires birdshot and is modded for long range combat





So, In my Minecraft server, I have 2 fictional guns with my gun plugin that appears in the Phantom Forces Minecraft game, With my company DPC, We made how the models look like and decide to sell them:


Heavy automatic machine gun that shoots 4 bullets out of the 4 barrels with a low fire rate and a large magazine!


.45 ACP DMR pistol found in “Other” with a decent semi automatic fire rate and a scope, stock and grip!


Import code [M236 HG]
Import code [YPX-A1]

Should I introduce the other DPC products in Minecraft Phantom Forces on my server?
(The M236 HG and YPX-A1 are exceptions, They are already available in the game for the public)

  • Yes!
  • No!
  • Yes, but not publicly available, Must be given by admins!

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