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ZCX: Aug A4

A custom prototype of the aug, it has every feature from the AUG A1,A2, and A3 ,that’s all. and it has a 40RD mag as well.


FLIP ARMS INC. Introduces

The ZOOP-22, Now with a firerate of com-resize RPM in full-auto

(FLIP ARMS INC. is not responsible for any shoulder- and/or arm injury (and backfiring to the ezgif-3-1aad594277th dimension) related to the recoil of this gun)

Now available in the local Pastebin for 200 Vbucks!




That’s right, FLIP ARMS Inc. has designed the ZOOP-22 so that it can hold up to Q&¢»Ä=n;ÄN´@^Ax)J¶TЫ magazines at a time, every magazine adds 5% to the firerate.


16 mags in-fact.


there is another 3206 mags hidden out of view inside the magwell.


looks at number Ooo this post is satan


^ PSMG-SC (sub-compact) - for when you need a pocket smg literally never.

^ VTL Puma - viscous 25 round carbine, does not come stock with iron sights.

^ AUG PD50 Proto - a competitor to the P90, a 50 round AUG. who doesnt want a 50 round AUG…
^ VTL Asper PDW - just another typical rifle-pdw conversion.

^ VTL Krieger - it’s basically a saiga, but better. also thicc barrel for thicc ammunition.

^ VTL Sabertooth - you’re probably gonna want to use the bipod before hipfiring this double barrel LMG

^ VTL Prospect - heavy hitting DMR with a fancy mag well.


There’s all those rival products, but there’s also…

Dark’s Point 'n Click!

With a new creation that was showcased at StylisCon!


  • Country: Belgium
  • Factory: DPC
  • Name: DAR PA34S
  • Name meaning: Deluxe Assault Rifle Project Attempt #34 Successful
  • Catagory: Assault Rifle
  • Bullet type: 5.85x64mm DPC
  • Magazine: 35 Round DPC Remagger
  • Fire rate: 700 RPM
  • Fire modes: Auto | Semi | 3-Burst | Safe | Uranium Self Destruct Meltdown
  • Recoil: Moderate
  • Bullet velocity: 2800 Studs/s
  • Weight: 15kg (Kilograms)

Import code [$20,000]


that actually looks cool. wew


Meanwhile in FLIP ARMS HQ:

Fries: “That’s it! Eureka! I’ve just got the perfect idea for a totally new, original gun!” (In thoughts: yeeeees it totally is gonna be a meme gun, how original of me!)

FLIP ARMS Introduces:

The BFG 50 (Big fucking gun 50)

Now available in your local Pastebin for 65 vbucks!

But that is not all! FLIP (In collaboration with SURREAL INC.) also brings you:

The BFG 2r45g8 (Big fucking gun: 2r45g8 Edition)

Now available in your local Pastebin for 10 kilograms of uranium, plutonium or any other radioactive material
that we totally won’t use to power a laser to carve advertisements for our company into the moon


I used that as a telescope to stare in space, found and named my own comet.


Dark’s Point 'n Click was insulted by someone today…

We even got private mailed with complains and rants about the FAL…

So we produced ourselves a new FAL:


DPC FAL 50. 2019 MoDerN

I am the import code.


So basically the FAL but tacticool.


And a 30 round mag.


literally already exists for FALs

Also the 30 rounder is waaaay longer than that. For reference the MW2 FAL is modelled with a 30 round mag.


It contains 7.62x52mm DPC bullets.


A whole 1mm longer than 7.62 NATO.

Jeez my dude where’s the originality?


It doesn’t have gunpowder.
It has Uranium.


Uh huh.

And how do you expect to ignite it, without blowing yourself up?

also Uranium would be used in its depleted form as the bullet itself rather than the propellant, but only for large caliber guns due to recoil reasons


Well… Once again…

In DPC, We use magic.