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yep! the DPC UHAR-28DC prepared me for spring!


But Winter starts tommorow.


it will keep me warm in winter and will prepare me for spring


Safety tips for the DPC UHAR-28DC:

Do not put the Uranium Batteries inside the magazine, If you shoot, The gun overheats at 250 Degrees Celcius.

If this happened to you, DON’T PUT IT IN WATER!
Otherwise, The gun will look like this:


Uranium Heated FAL
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I like this!





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Time gas furries


oi here in murica we don’t use the metric system, what dafaq is a celcius?


0 deg C = 32 deg F

100 deg C = 212 deg F

F = (C*1.8)+32

bot shut up I’m being educational




Anyway… I have a gun I would like to present to rival (ecks dee kill me) DPC:


No Uranium gun - 20 Classic Gun | I was trying to go for NOG-20CG for christmas but I couldn’t think of anything.


Rank 76

Credits: 76,000


a gun that shoots H2O2?


I posted my own fal design a while back…


hydrogen peroxide?


“that’s what I said, H2O2”

Easy meme




am weeb so i need to make these before someone else does


the Can Gun, featuring Chernobyl Reactor 4 core parts!


Sooooo super realistic dude looks like I can hold it in my hands