Pimp My Gun Dump


It’s my leaf blower, duh.
What else could it possibly be?


hey, I’m famous :^)


the kaid slug shotgun attempt thing




image another skeleton key thing


Okay, we got the fire extinguished, Now we can sell this new gun.

DPC introduces a new fire resistant Battle Rifle made out of wood!

UnBurnable Wood 1024

Features a new bullet made by DPC: 10.24x68mm! A large bullet fit in 6 Round Magazines at 700 Fire Rate!

It features 6 fire modes: Auto, Semi, Safe, 3-burst, 6-burst and Self-Destruct.

Warning: May contain signs of Uranium and Plutonium, because that’s how we made our wood unburnable, duh!

Rank: 81
Credits: 16,500

I am the import code!


But wait…

Didn’t the gun catch fire BECAUSE of the Uranium?

And isn’t wood flammable if it isn’t kept wet?


Yeah uum…

We genetically modified the Uranium and Plutonium.
And uuum… We also used genetically modified water to keep it wet forever.

Disclaimer: You may not sue us if the modified Uranium, Plutonium and Water are extra radioactive now!


How do you genetically modify something that wasn’t living in the first place?


by making it alive




stick it in the microwave


actually it is possible to maek life out of non carbon elements by simply putting something called majik that will alow you soeciment to livr wna db breathe and trihee iddadiuQSFDsoOsaihdfasOJjamfsSfsfhbBHVAS SJu5iv ghjlxjhgffghkgd


So, are you guys gonna buy this gun or not?


Already bought, Trying to modify ehehehehe


Oh god.


So far we have tried to remove the modified wood from the gun, Exploded. Making an total copy of the gun at this moment.


The FFC has released an prototype version of the DPCs UBW-1024.
It’s called UBP-1018 UnBurnable Plastic 1018

During the developement where we removed the wood, We found out that it had multiple parts from the M200 Intervention, Also it exploded.


Maybe I shouldn’t have used genetically modified items…


paints metal so it looks like wood