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First LMG from ZCX:
The ZCX M.H.M.G(Modular heavy machine gun)
If you need a lot of fire power this is the gun for the job.

(210 RD Box mag)

(80 RD Box mag)

Made from the finest materials possible , it is lighter than most HMG’s and is designed to take calibers ranging from 7.62x39mm to 7.62x54R .It can has a mag size of 210 rounds or 80 if that’s too heavy for you ,it’s firing system takes up to 45% of the recoil making it easier to pace your shots.
After multiple tests at the firing range, the accuracy up to 200m to 350m was around 75%-80% showing that at almost any range your still a great threat to your enemies, and reliability-wise it rarely jams in tough conditions like mud,snow and rain , and the jam rate is 1 out of 500 ,making even a finer weapon, you rarely have to clean it as well.But the cost of this gun is … 450,000 USD plus shipping and tax.


i found a Customer Review for the ZCX MHMG

4.6/5 Stars
wew this gun is pretty accurate and extremely versatile. I could change the ammo type anytime if I run out of it, so long as it’s a 7.62. gun is super stable, though it could be better if it can absorb more recoil. maybe a light frame version? overall had a great experience with this gun, highly recommend despite its high price


the Garfield Kart Deluxe
using stolen parts from DPC, I have created this disturbing non-FAL related gun! Using stolen radioactive 9mm rounds and several cans hotglued together, this will surely work better than some knife made b- wait there’s a guy in a balaclava and a suit in my room help.


e m b r a c e t h e r e v o l u t i o n


DPC recognizes it from somewhere… hmmmm…?


Dark’s Point 'n Click had a problem today, Our uranium melted and our newest product caught fire!




But but… why did you do this to us?


generic PDW from that generic game




This baby is based of the AS VAL but nearly has all the stock parts removed and replaced will the finest parts possible you may be thinking: Well no name, whats so special about this?well it can be rechambered from it’s standard 9x39WP round to a 55.6 round from a carbine which is a big game changer as it can go from any ammo type from carbines or other pdw’s in approximately 5 minutes or less and is the unlike most weapons with integal suppressor this goes nearly as fast as a unsuppressed weapon, however this is a limited edition weapon, as we are only selling 40 units that have a reasonable price of 500,000 USD with no tax or shipping costs.


the cheapest 50 cal pistol on the market! shred your body with metal shrapnel at a reasonable price!
made out of M16 parts scavenged from the jungles of vietnam after the war!


an RFB but made for children


wait a sec, just realised something…
has Nerf made a bullpup blaster?



Most recently, the Rayven and Crossbolt.


the police won’t suspect a thing



fucc bot


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So I made a thing in my free time


I guess crossbows are a trend now


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