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iTs HiGh nOoN

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Introducing ; Pistons Tryhard Adventure Weapons

Set #1


You ever just wanna blind someone? Well now you can with the WI-TFDMR!
Weeb Industries-Tactical Flashlight Designated Marksman Rifle!




If you include proton rays as projectiles!


In order to rival other fictional companies that only exist on this thread, I present. The flash rusher


Also presenting the snipers friend, a sniper & a shotgun combined


do you have f.lux on?


yes, I should probably turn it off


i thought that only affects the screen and not the actual windows


might depend on what screenshot tool you use


Dark’s Point 'n Click introduces:

ABC 50
A Barrett Copy 50

Rank: 500
Credits: 5,000,000

I am the import code!


The Swiss Cheese Maker!
featuring an underbarrel shotgun!


probably gonna revamp this


If you include proton rays as projectiles!

Well that doesn’t really apply. You see, photons are particles that have 0 mass! that is why they can travel at the speed of light in a vaccum! They also have the wave/particle duality property so technically your statement would be right and wrong at the same time! its also spelled photon


protons and photons are different dumbass


A proton is a subatomic particle that is made of quarks. They bond together with neutrons to form a nucleus. A number of electrons orbit the nucleus in a cloud of possibility. The closer you get to the neucleus, the bigger the chance that there will be an electron there. ALSO the flashlight gun emits photons/visible light waves instead of protons, as meme_s wrongly said.