Pimp My Gun Dump


How do you save your gun on pimp my gun? i’m trying to but it’s not working


You can’t, the only way is to copy the code in “Export” and save it somewhere in a Notepad file or something.


Or use lightshot.


I made the TCR:

Does it look good?
( I used the SR-25 body)

  • Hell yes
  • it’s okay…
  • meh
  • omfg it’s trash

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Great job!

Now make the ECR!


here it is:


Well, that was fast.


Some boring shotgun I made


just a edgy loadout:


Introducing the Kriss Vector-12

now with more buckshot




This idea was not stolen off competitors designs, and uses a special internal system that reduces recoil and is able to go full auto.


So, AA-12?


a more skeletonised version of the AA-12

that also sounds like a Russian tank


oh wow, it actually is one


the one you made kinda looks like a vector so i was thinking about the vector recoil system, but sure, why not.


the W-VFHCB-5.56!


Uhh. Idk


I made a mutant Acr with a ak mag and some g36 parts:


I call it the Ack-36