Pi Guy's question thread


Not a virgin,

no gf,

I’m not gay so no bf,

I beat nnn,

I am subbed to PewDiePie,

I play cards against humanity in my spare time,

I’m in college for software engineering

,I’m 29 years old,

I live in Virginia where I go to college, but im from Louisiana

Take a plane to Lynchburg

I live in a dorm room with literally an autistic dude( not joking he really is), so I wouldn’t recommend barging in.


Actually, yes I have. It was 3 am when I was 15. I couldn’t sleep so I was like “fuck it” and made some mach and cheese. IDK why but that memory has always stuck with me

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woh, you’re a big boi!



Cool! Which college?


sooo, the Scar-H is still a good gun same with Scar-L (Scar-l is just used way to much) and Ag-3 is very… what the word… annoying


Itsa pain in the ass.


u w0t about the AG-3?


the college of virginia


Liberty University.


Ah shite, Ive been to LibertyU before, CFAW. Whats your major?


computer science. i found out about liberty from CFAW. I spend all my free time at the library. the quiet wooden room is great for relaxing.


The dining hall is my favorite, always nice to see such a big variety in the food choice. Anyway, I was only there for 2 days before having to leave. During my time there, I signed up for the flying courses they offer to CFAWs, Best-Thing-Ever.


remember, if you apply early you get like 2 grand off your first year.


Not sure if Id like to tho, Im kinda leaning toward a engineering-leaning university.