Pi Guy's question thread


yeah, the 1858cara is basicly a henry with a higher muzzle velocity, -2 bullets


I thought the G3 was gonna be cool, seeing as I like the AK47 a lot, but the damage just feels underwhelming for the firerate and recoil. Maybe it is superior in some other way, but this gun just doesn’t suit me.


the scar H is the best if your a head shot god and the best set up for is

Pbs-4 suppressor
angled grip
and finnaly
Green Laser


or no suppressor you can put a muzzle break


no, no it is not. AG-3 has higher min and max damages, and the same multipliers.


the damage for the fal is ok i guess


What’s your favorite color


Black. i wear black clothes because it’s harder to stain them and they absorb more heat than light colored ones. Second favorite is matrix green because I love coding. After that I’d say yellow.


Battle rifles often have a lot of recoil. Try using the scar h with a compensator to get used to the recoil. Then go to g3


@ssuuka I like ur pfp. Juzo was definitely my favorite character and Tokyo ghoul is pretty close to the top of my favorite animes



Do you like my PFP?




It’s animated so props for that. Could be a little brighter tho. 7/10


no no no, black is the easiest to stain.


Yo got get ur eyes checked. Ever spilt some Merlot on a white shirt?


the heck is Merlot


A type of wine. It stains stuff


black is… difficult yet easy to stain. you may stain it, but it may not be easily visible

white on the other hand…stains quickly and very VERY easily, so i rarely wear it


have you ever ate mac and cheese with a black sweatshirt



Are you a virgin?
Do you have a girlfriend?
Do you have a boyfriend?
Did you lose NNNovember?
Are you subscribe to Pewd?
Are you offended over dark humor?
What do you want to do when you grow up?
How old are you?
Where do you live?
What is the fastest way I can get to your house?
Does this sounds like Im stalking you?