Pi_Guy's list of forum contributers

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This is my list of people who regularly contribute to the forums. We don’t have a regular tag, but here are the people I would say are of the most value to our community.

@Hellcat_V The meme king.

There’s no particular order to this list so no bragging rights.

No, I don’t consider myself a regular, as I haven’t been around very long, and I don’t really get a lot of likes.

Edit: honerable mention: ssuuka




I tried to keep the list down to 10. Would have made more, but these guys are like a tier above the rest, having thousands of likes and posts.


starts to brag about being in the forum for the longest than all of you plebs


no u >;c


After leaving the SCMCP as a reviewer (feel free to ask me why in a message), I decided to downsize my appearance in the community. That’s mostly why I decided to take a break here. I wasn’t sure when to come back, but since I’ve been mentioned here, I might as well come back now.

I’m glad to see someone has an excellent selection in people/poll-crafter extraordinaire.


I was gonna add you, but I ran out of mentions


Honestly, you’re the reason I joined the forums in the first place. I had a conversation with you some time ago, and felt welcomed, so I decided to stick around.



I’m in it!


Eh, don’t blame you, I’m a slacker who hasn’t made a post in forever.


For once my memes aren’t the only thing people thank me for : >


Understandable, have a great day


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screams in japanese


Expect me to post irrelevant memes.




too funky


I’ve been here longer than you son