PF Logic - Muzzle Velocities

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1 stud = 5cm
and all sniper rifles in PF has a muzzle velocity of 3000stud/s
therefore a sniper rifle’s muzzle velocity is 15000cm/s (or 150m/s)

for comparison:
a .50 BMG bullet flies at a speed of around 880 ~ 930m/s (BFG 50)
a .408 Cheyenne Tactical bullet flies at a speed around 910 ~ 1100m/s (M200)

yes this was a shitpost kthxbai


That’s assuming the gravity constant is the square of the irl gravity.
PF gravity is around 5x more than the square of irl gravity, so the numbers will be different.


BFG 50 And Hecate II At around 880 - 930m/s bullet speed


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well heres the thing, size goes into account as well if your smaller of course itll be like that.


this got me thinking, how tall is an average PF character in studs?

but whatever it is, it definitely going to be shorter than 1.5m when converted, which is pretty dang short if you ask me

I’m 1.62m


5 studs in height. So approx 25cm irl measurement.


isn’t… that 0.25 m or is that me being high


yes 25cm = 0.25m and yes that’s roughly 1/6 of my height