Pf is dead for the pros not the noobs. How to fix


Ok maybe i was exaggerating

But the lowered gun price is annoying af when peeps burn cr on sooooper op loadouts, Which is extremely annoying and making the game less fun for people who use things like the moist nugget.

Maybe it aint killing pf, but it is getting very annoying


Are you seriously emotionally hurt by the fact people buy guns?


There’s an 17 year old (Soon to be 18) female in our Discord who goes ape at people who use silencers, bought weapons, knife mains…

You name it. And I have to put up with that.


She’d hate me.


For someone of her skill level & experience in PF (As well as life), she’s a feisty one when she’s stressed. It’s a bit annoying when she drags heated arguments over in-game. Might have to mute at this rate…
Apart from the competitive side of her, she’s fun to be around with.

On topic, though:
There’s still a fair bit of pros that play PF on a regular basis. These people do forward their suggestions to the community, but we can’t guarantee that they will be in-game soon.


not emotionally hurt, i am not trying to say that there is no fun in playing against m60 mainers with just your mosin, i am trying to say that it is annoying.


It’s your choice to use whatever gun. If it’s annoying, it’s your own fault. If you can’t beat them, join them.

Afterall, you should always change tactics given a particular scenario. In this case, why would you keep sniping with a Mosin while there’s a skilled M60 user playing? It doesn’t make sense. No matter the map.


what does this mean? “make sense” aint in my vocabulary. :3




Might by this person who kicked me from the server because I was using BFG and SFG. :thinking:


im a rank 66 and on the rare times i do play now i am almost allways the only rank 40+ on. its filled with afk12s and m1’s its getting old.


Feeling life PF isn’t it’s goal. Also it’s not really clunky anymore. Also the gun models are all custom, you clearly haven’t played in a long time.

The updates aren’t rushed. Every update is significant and contains actual content. You’re just used to slow developers like Stylis taking 10 years to make one gun. (daily updates was an exaggeration btw, it’s more like one or two a week)


So true. The last time he played was probably 2 months ago :joy::joy:




You might actually be right about that

I might give the game another chance

But then again, I do have Day of Infamy, which is without a doubt, a damn good WWII game

Although my computer is so potato the only thing I can do is just shoot off guns at the shooting range


Honestly I disagree. You’re probably seeing a lot of newbies because of match making based on KDR. Your KDR may suck so it puts you in with lower ranks. It has to be that, because each time I play PF I’m faced with rank 34 po_ke wannabes who p2w and bought BFG ballistics tracker early, or vector BT, making me ruin clips and destroying any chances of me getting a multi. They don’t even play for the fun aspect. They just want a shitty high KD to brag about to their friends and anybody else.


My kdr is good tho :frowning:


wuts ur kdr tho


Should’ve known…


rip vocab