Pf is dead for the pros not the noobs. How to fix






yet still missed it


And just like school, people come and shoot people up. No offense.


PF’s updates don’t work for experienced players in the game, unlike siege which has a changing map depending on new operators,tactics, and just players themselves, PF has the same boring gameplay after every update. Meaning it only gets my attention for a hour. Oh look a new revamp! Gonna be the same as every other map.
If they added some real change into the game, gameplay wise, that would be nice. I’m tried of KOTH,FLARE,and TDM. There all practically the same thing. When I play PF I get bored and rage immediately. There’s no skill to playing PF besides aiming. Once you learn to aim, your a god. In siege, you need to count for changes in the map, sounds are a lot more useful, and again. EVERY EXPERIENCE IS DIFFERENT. While I don’t think walldestroying would be the best in PF. It would atleast add more flavor, I’ve always wanted to do PF comp, but not in a comp team, through PF. If there was a actual reason to play, like comp, I would be playing a lot more than I currently am. (So I would actually play PF).

Not only that, PF’s update schedule feels like three worthy updates a year. Which as I said, the updates don’t keep my attention for two weeks.


Pf should be more tactical like rainbow six.


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If you actually read the description for PF, it said that the Devs have semester exams. Semester exams are quite large and need to be well prepared for. Idc if it was a joke, get your facts straight.

Also, there is no lack of updates, they just like to add a lot of shit to even the small updates. Also, the fact that they aren’t spitting out updates every month means they’re actually trying to make features and weapons that aren’t rushed.

Or maybe they play on a rarity because they’ve gotten all the guns and want to move on.

Or maybe it’s just returning players who aren’t complete noobs, but play because the game is actually fun for them.

If noobs were to join only once, I’m sure PF would have a player count of about 1K players.


Like I said above.

We have an 1858 New Army, and an MP1911 in the test place (Heyyy, I like more pistols)

Also, please lay off the mentions of the FAL. I’m genuinely getting annoyed at seeing peeps refer to them.

It doesn’t have the same feel as PF. It’s clunky, running is awkward, and the gun models aren’t even custom.

Rushed updates tend to be shit. Especially if they are spitting them out each day

Another annoying and misleading post, and nobody likes that. How would you like it if I told you to hurry up and release updates, daily?

If you don’t find that annoying, seek mental health help


Didn’t I debunk a post saying exactly that? I’m not willing to do that again, that was frustrating.

Remove this. I’m fed up with seeing this on this site. It is entirely unnecessary, it’s not funny and if anything, ruins however serious I take this thread.

What’s that matter? That’s been a fact since the dawn of Roblox.

Why do you care?

You’re complaining about something only you cannot tolerate. Delete this.

This is entirely irrelevant to the whole “noob vs noob” problem you were talking about a few sentences ago.

Listen to your own advice…


I would lmao

Have you even played the game??Yeah, you probably have. But they released an update too fast for pf and it’s better than pf now…so…ye

When I check their profile they aren’t. LMAO

I only put that in because of the community


I have in fact. It feels terrible, ADS time is painfully slow, and it feels awkward to play. I still think PF is a better game hands down. And who cares if they have skins? The movement needs to be a little better, because it feels kinda broken for me.

Better than PF? That sounds quite fucking biased, hence why PF has ~10K players a day and Roblox WWII only reaches the hundreds. Not saying the game is terrible, but it hasn’t gained traction. Unless the game has fixed the bobbing and the clunky movement, I call the game’s biggest flaw the controls and movement

Anyways, let’s get back onto a far more relevant topic.

Can I ask how you are able to see if they are working on it or not? Or are you claiming to check their profile just to sound like you got shit to back it up? Because unless I see a screenshot, you sure as hell are lying.

Terrible. Fucking. Excuse. You put it in there because everyone’s doing it. I will admit, I’ve done it, and Torush told about how it’s become quite annoying too see. Even Darkman, who seems to be quite prideful about the FAL mentions it less than most of us have.

TL;DR- other than your claims with Roblox WWII, your reasoning and excuses don’t cut it for why this debunk was wrong.


The problem with appealing to a certain set community is that members of such a group will agree and disagree with a lot of things. I.e. the FN FAL jokes (if you could consider them jokes anymore at this point). I and a few others don’t make these jokes, references or memes and can barely tolerate people who do. It’s practically impossible to satisfy an entire community because of the potential diversity. Your reasoning is weak.




You can see if they are on roblox studio or on roblox at all.


Man, people just don’t understand this post LMAO.


Well, if they aren’t working on it 24/7, it simply means that they actually have a life, beyond making a Lego shooter, where block men can fire .50 BMG standing up.

That wasn’t funny. You have a terrible sense of humor

Lol XD git Rekt nuub


stylis lowered their fuking gun and attachment prices
it is attracting a disgusting kind of tryhard called “the rich gun buyer”

thats prolly killing pf for the actual good players with respective ranks and good playstyles.

stop it stylis, undo the lowered prices, nerf the op guns and the tracker.

AnD AdD ThE FUkInG FaL EVerYoNe aSKs tHiS bUT YalL dEvs aRe nOt LiStEnINg To tHIS oR AnYthinG that We aSK!!!1111!!!

the recent updates are bad:

  • Suburbia
  • knife update (this is the f*cing worst)
  • new votekicc system
  • (and all of the updates without ksg or m60 nerfs :P)

but srsly i am upset with 2018 and late 2017 pf


the problem isn’t attachment/gun buyers, the problem is people like you
people like you constantly complain about people who use certain attachments and use a feature built into the game, people like you are extremely toxic to people who buy guns and attachments, people like you most likely make people quit the game

no, pf isn’t dying because of buying attachments and guns, pf isn’t dying at all

the bt has been nerfed enough, it doesn’t need to be nerfed more

fal is overrated, it’s just another 7.62 nato gun that won’t be different (and will probably be worse) than something like the ak47 or akm

suburbia isn’t the best map but the update wasn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be, the knife update also wasn’t that bad, neither is the new votekick system

ksg isn’t overpowered, though the m60 could use a little nerf in something


Just delete the post sigh @Corgi_Operator


I mean yeah just delete it when most people believe your wrong.


I guess so…