Pf Amateur League


Here’s my idea.

•Groups of friends can make teams
•teams must be 5-20 players.
•all hosted in 1 discord
•not sweaty
• matches can be from 3v3 to 14v14
•2 refs per match
•last 2 spots for designated streamers to
stream the match

•bfg and bt banned, but no other gun or ammo type restrictions
• no class members per team restrictions
•not sweaty. If you get tilted you can drop out.
•members “should” be in their vc in the discord, but if you don’t wanna talk you don’t need to.
•if both teams agree to a “friendly” match, all participants can be in a single vc
•if you get toxic, you get removed from the match.
•no rankings, just people having fun.
•must be lvl 35 to join.
•must register for league through discord
•exploits, hax and any other bs is auto ban from league.
•matches can happen any time so long as at least one ref is available.
•all maps and gamemodes allowed.
•no drama In the discord.
•each team should have a private server available.
•matches can be best of 1,3, 5, or 9.(best of 7 is stupid.
•coinflip to decide who picks map and game mode, other picks spawn. After that, it alternates.
•game text chat allowed, but no flaming or toxicity.

We could talk to stylist about making it official, but if they deny we can keep it unofficial.

Doc with details: here

discord server: here

Please discuss


Bfg bt has no problem

Being sweaty so what deal with it

This idea sucks


Bfg is the most “anti-fun” sniper, and bt is just stupid.
And the point of an Ametur league would be that it isn’t sweat. I don’t want a carbon copy of CPFO




look, i’m a programmer, not an english major.


Oh please, it’s nothing, however the L11A3…


If you’re banning the BFG BT you’re fucking retarded sir.

In order to ban something there have to be grounds for that ban. What the hell is your reasoning for it? And don’t give me “it’s too powerful”. The ability to one shot a player with the BFG isn’t all-powerful nor is it banworthy. Many more guns can one shot players many times faster than the BFG, are you going to ban those as well?

And BT is just a crutch. It’s not overpowered.

You need reasoning for bans, so tell me, what the fuck are those?

Also, I’d like to address

All of these are too vague, or can be skewed to get people banned, just because you don’t want them to play.

Overall a terribly put together idea. Come back with it when it’s been reformed.

I give this meme…



I agree with hellcat for once what is this


It’s because I’m fucking correct pasto.


big red underline is here to help out


Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to seem disrespectful. I just wanted to correct your grammar from future grammar nazis.

such as myself. :frowning: sorry


hahaha no problem man. i didn’t mean to come off as hurt.





Section One: Match Rules

  1. Banned weapons and attachments

  2. BFG 50

  3. SFG 50

  4. Hecate II

  5. MG3KWS

  6. Ballistics Tracker

^straight from stylis. If enough people complain, then we can un-ban them.

anyway, check my original post for link to Doc


this sounds like a good idea make the discord


check bottom of post


this is why I don’t play Lego shooter competitively :smiley:


but this isn’t comp, its just no noobs or hackers.


I like this idea, after briefly skimming through the doc. :grinning:


Sounds cool, is there a limit to rank or weapon rank though?