Petition to add custom moosic in PF

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Basically, you can put any moosic from the Library. Only in VIP server. The owner can only play the moosic. Can be enabled/disabled

Imagine all of the memes blasting while playing COR5 maps. Like the USSR anthem.
For ze memes

  • yes chief
  • no u chief

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Yeah but make it optional to actually listen to the music. Some of us like our own music/like to listen for footsteps.


real gamers play sabbaton at max volume and rush with an MP40


The amount of people who would charge with a knife playing running in the 90s


I want my Soviet anthem while using the PPSH


proceeds to make an alternate account to heart this twice


Man I would get so pissed if music overpowered footsteps or weapon sounds…but if it’s VIP servers only, go for it.