Pc master race [challenge]


Now here is the challenge go on Pcpartspicker.com
And make the most powerful ridiculous build ever

  1. Must be able to hold 12 tb of storage or more
  2. Must have there 2 parts [i9 intel core] and [gtx graphics card]
  3. 32gb or more in ram
    4 must use a 144hz monitor
    Now if you are going to try and find the total power in a cpu do [cores*power=total]
    The most ridiculous and powerful pc wins.


no thanks purge


And I did something similar already

  1. Slap 5 GTX 1080tis’
  2. Slap some storage
  3. Add RAM (a shit ton)



MacBook Pro

You’re welcome






Play this with some other peeps


Because I love paying 5 Grand for a computer no better than 2.5GHz