Oof mah boi

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oof maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah boi


Vector, is, OP, gud gun


Uh you do realize the KEK NEIN fires at an RPM of 1500 and the vector fires at 1200, right?


It’s pretty delicious

But only at CQC.

Go any farther, and you’re fucked


I did try the vector with 6x scope in metro before.
30-1, pretty amazing gun


Some rank 86 decided to “challenge” me to see if I was a real moderator once.
Due to me playing other games, as well as life stuff, I didn’t know much about the newer weapons.

He asked me what the “highest” RoF was for a weapon.
I replied “AN-94, if you remove the burst firerate cap.”

He proceeded to shoot me down, saying that the DB had “instant” burst for RoF, therefore it’s the fastest.

I could come up with multiple reasons why that made little sense to me, but I chose to “accept” the fact & move on. Fortunately, I had a couple of high rankers who knew about my inactivity in PF servers.

In my mind:
Since the DB is a double barrelled shotgun, and “Instant” burst means firing both shells at once… Then again, the trigger mechanism of double shot makes me dispute this entire ordeal of what the “true” RoF would be for this weapon.

What about the Zip 22 with a RoF with 2000? The trigger mechanism is semi auto, though. Unless you are a jitter clicker pro, you won’t reach the maximum RoF for that weapon.

Hence why I said AN-94, if you ignore the burst RoF cap.

Please let me know if I am in the wrong. I’m not too knowledgable about these things. :smiley:


Kriss Vector: 1200RPM
M231 FPW: 1225RPM
TEC-9: 1500RPM
AN-94: 1800RPM (Burst)
ZIP-22: 2000RPM (Semi)


Okie dokie


it is by far my favourite pdw


Hmm you have joined less than a month ago and have already created like 20 threads…


Okay, now you made this post even more useless than it was before!

Congratulations, you made your first shitpost!

Just move this to the meme thread


as I write this, the topic just says “oof mah boi”, the topic post also says the same thing. could someone please inform me what the original topic was so I have at least some idea of what it’s about?


Its about the vector


Topic made redundant by OP. Serves little use now.