Oof Brigade~A followup review

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OOF Brigade
This game, in a nutshell, is pretty realistic. The ADS is quite nice on snipers, and running looks well scripted, despite a few bugs, since it is in pre-alpha. Here is my overall review for Oof Brigade.

ADS on snipers and ironsight weapons
ADS’ing (if that’s what you would call it) down sights on snipers is quite realistic. The black circle on the outside of the rangefinder moves when you swing the gun fast. Since that’s what happens when you move quickly on them. Ironsights do the same things, but the sights don’t align properly but looks good. You can press e to zoom in, almost like PUBG, but it doesn’t work on snipers. All in all, well done.

Playing the game
This game is slow, not in the fact that it is laggy, as its well optimized, since its 4 months in development. But rather it’s a slow gameplay, more realistic. there’s a good amount of snipers playing, helping give support to rushers. The rushers have typically all the support from fellow teammates and typically goes well. Well done.

This is quite well done, although the third person needs fixing. Snipers look beautiful, and assault rifles look nice. The rest of the guns are meh. The weapons actually have bullet dropoff ranges, and actually vary for each gun. The one thing I hate though is the fact that shotguns have literally infinite range.

Running, swimming, jumping, crouching
These all need a bit of work in my opinion, although we can agree that the swimming looks amazing, and is lacking in phantom forces. Running is enabled with shift. Your arms sway in a realistic way while you run, and your camera moves in a somewhat unnatural way. Swimming looks great and is well animated, but you need to be able to go underwater. And, in my opinion, have a breath meter. Jumping is jumping and needs to be fixed a bit, as sometimes when your fortnite BR, (jump and shoot) you gun freaks out. Crouching is only enabled when holding c, so its a bit awkward. But it looks nice and feels realistic. Overall, well done.

Wellllllll, I can’t agree more that the water is beautiful and elegant. The shaders have light bloom and looks nice. The one thing that sucks, is the buildings. The bottom levels are pitch black day or night because Roblox, and are made like Highway Lot, way to much concrete. It’s almost empty, but it’s in Pre-Alpha, so I understand. the rocks look, alright at best, and need to be less square. The canopy over the dock needs a bit of improvement and is one thing I absolutely hate about the map.

I think that the ammo boxes and health packs are a good idea, I cannot say more on this topic, as I hardly use them. It makes it good for rushing support stations on rocks. They are bugged, I think, as when you run you cannot pickup health or ammo, and you can’t pick up ammo when your within 5 feet of it being placed originally.

This game is well made for only being 4 months in development. I like the thought and is certainly more realistic when compared to Phantom Forces. 8/10 for these reasons:

  1. Well done water
  2. The guns look nice
  3. good concept and gameplay
  4. its literally 4 months in development, and is an amazing game.
  5. good gameplay
  6. goodish bullet drop
    (my Grammarly didn’t think goodish was wrong :/)
  7. quite a team based game
  8. no toxic kids
  9. -1 point for that terrible canopy
  10. -1 point for really crappy third person animations when ADSing on guns.

Well, there’s my review on this game.

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