Old Rifles/Shotguns Mega Suggest


Yeah, I have no idea what to do with the numbers… This is about all I can think of:

Fedorov Avtomat
3-shot kill (2 on headshot) down to 4-shot kill (2 on headshot)

Winchester 1892
2-shot kill (1 on headshot) down to 3-shot kill (2 on torso or headshot)

Mare’s Leg
2-shot kill (1 on headshot) down to 3-shot kill (2 on headshot)


Nice, thanks.


sorry, my bad I didn’t do much research when I looked into it


RETHINK: I actually think the Fedorov Avtomat would be best as a Battle Rifle. Looking at 6.5x50mm Arisaka compared to other cartridges, I just don’t think it fits the intermediate category.

I also rethought the damage stats a bit to make it more comparable to the SCAR-H and other BRs.


Another idea.

Again, I’m not too savvy with the stat numbers. All I know is that this thing would need to be somewhere between the Steyr Scout and other heavier rifles in terms of balancing.

Mannlicher M95

Designed in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and used in both World Wars and many other conflicts. This was a straight-pull bolt-action rifle chambered in 8x50mm Mannlicher and loaded via en-bloc clip. Thanks to its straight-pull bolt, the user wouldn’t need to come out of ADS through a scope in order to rechamber the gun. A very nice Sniper Rifle for PF.

As an added bonus, it also existed in Carbine configuration:


M1903 with pedersen device is the easy solution to the having to scope out problem.