Ok. What is this


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So I left the game that I was just in, and frankly, I’ll admit I ragequit. However, I never did anything to do anything remotely close to something that would get me banned for some damn reason. Whether this is a glitch or bug, idk, but anyone can point me in a direction to help fix this, that’d be just fine and dandy by me.


Toothless added a feature that auto-kicks guests that tries to play the game.


The thing is, I wasn’t using a guest account. I was using my account that was like lvl 135. I logged out, logged back in, tried to enter the game, same thing happens


I summon @toothless


nvm, It just loaded. I don’t know why it was being weird




I L L U M I NA T I C O N F I R M E D bois



fuck you bot, this is a sentence


I once got a kicked message that said “fuck you”




Either for some reason your account logged out when joining or before joining, or it is just a glitch and try again.

If this didnt fix it then I would refresh the page and make sure you are still signed in.


What is dis?


I have a picture somewhere, but I have over 2000 photos on my phone


Told you. (Click on it)



rated M for mature





ok now pf will get banned …