Ok so now I'm trying the clot smg 635


So what loadouts should I do? With it


First of all

Clot SMG 635

no u, you’re the clod


Muzzle Brake
Stubby Grip
Green Laser

Only use it in CQC, anywhere else would mean the recoil kicking your nose


Haven’t touched the thing since it came out. All I remember is liking it. No one uses it which is kinda sad, the poor 635 wanted to be the star


The KRISS Vector overshadows this gun (and most other guns in the game), unfortunately. It’s completely broken.


This is the M231’s son.

He’s more stable than his father.
He has 2 more rounds in his magazine than his father.
But his father deals more damage.

If you know how to use the M231, You can use the M635 too.


Default sight (That’s just how I use it)
Muzzle Break
Green Laser
Folding Grip



Mane, English shore iz fuhn


Do the Hip fire god thing

Verti Grip
Delta or Iron Canted ( or laser, if you prefer hip only), and with the new ammos, use HP
Some dank skin with neon



no u

and u as in the Vector

the M635, anyways, is much more able to spray rather than a Vector because of it it’s larger magazine

But everything else is just as inferior as an SMG would be


Yeah just use
Vert grip
Lazer or hp if you can calculate
Ars suppressor


Right, because a 3-5 shot kill at one of the fastest fire rates in the game is reasonable somehow? The gun has a barely slight range disadvantage by a few studs compared to some guns, but none of this matters when it can outclass many such as the 635 with its no recoil laser beam nature. It does damage on par with assault rifles at distance, except it fires faster than almost all of them.




You spelled it wrong son…ITS COLT MODEL 635 OR COLT SMG 635!




All I use is a green laser. Thats it. Also only use it in cqc and hipfire.