Official custom gamemode VIP servers suggestion


Well, It can get boring sometimes, Playing the same thing over and over again for 2 or 3 years…
(Unless you are me, Who is still trying to collect every attachment for every gun in the game)

I am here to suggest some different custom gamemodes that you can play on Official VIP servers hosted by the developers themselves.
You may ask:

But Darkman, You can only play the game itself on a VIP server where nothing saves, how will there be custom gamemodes?
Well I’m telling you that it’s possible that developers can create VIP servers with different gamemodes than normal, Look at Typical Colors 2 (The Roblox TF2 fangame), They have VIP servers for CTF only, Medieval Mode, even Bosses (VS Saxton Hale), They also have their own map test place via VIP servers.

Phantom Forces can do the same!

These gamemodes will NOT be available on the normal main game.

Disclaimer: Progress made in official custom gamemode VIP servers are not saved, like the Test Place and VIP servers.

Loadout Randomizer

The first one I have in mind is: Loadout Randomizer!

In this gamemode, You have no control in what you spawn with, You will spawn with a random primary with a random set of attachments, a random secondary with a random set of attachments, a random melee, and of course 3 grenades.
(You can also have a chance to not have a specific attachment equipped, like that you don’t have a Barrel attachment)

With this loadout, You shall fight the enemy team while they also have randomized loadouts.
When you die, You shall receive a new random loadout.

BUT! You can’t just kill yourself by pressing F5, Grenading yourself or something like that! No, If you do that, You will get the same loadout back. You MUST die to an enemy in order to get a new loadout, this is to prevent people that don’t like their current loadout and want to switch.

Rank does not matter, Anyone can spawn with any weapon and any attachment, even if they do not have it unlocked!

You can spawn with loadouts like:

  • M231
    • MARS
    • ARS Suppressor
    • Laser
    • Ballistics Tracker
  • Sawed Off
    • ACOG Scope
    • None
    • Birdshot
  • Hattori


  • FAL 50.00
    • None
    • Muzzle Brake
    • None
    • Laser
  • Mateba 6
    • Mini Sight
    • Compensator
    • Flashlight
  • JKey

Gun Game

We all know how this works right?
If you don’t:

Gun Game is where you are forced to start with a weapon, and if you kill someone with it, You shall get a new different weapon.

You will also get 1 grenade per life, Killing someone with it won’t upgrade your weapon, but it will downgrade theirs.

If you get killed 3 times in a row without killing anyone else, Your weapon shall be downgraded (Unless you are only on the first weapon)

25 random weapons are selected to be in the list, Number #20, 21, 22, 23 and 24 are ALWAYS secondaries, and #25 is ALWAYS a melee weapon.
(Attachments are unavailable)

On the left of your screen, You shall see like a scrollbar thing showing 5 weapons (2 of your previous weapons, Your current weapon and your 2 next weapons) and a number to see at what rank you are, It looks something like this: (Apologies for the incoming horrible Photoshopping)

The winner is the first who gets past the last ranked weapon (Rank 25, the melee)

Gun Wars

Gun Wars is a gamemode where 1 team is forced to use 1 random loadout for the entire round, and the other to use another random loadout. (It is possible for 2 teams to get the same weapons)

So this is pretty much Randomizer, but your entire team has the same weapons, and you have it for the entire round!

Of course the round may be unbalanced sometimes, Each team will get a button on their UI that lets you vote for a whole new loadout, (The enemy team will get notified of this), But multiple team members must agree to this.

If you have more gamemode idea’s for Official Gamemode VIP servers, Let them know in the replies!
Any discussions, complains,…? Let them know in the replies!

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Sounds great would make the game less boring


Great idea

When you win the game you should get in-game awards like credits


I approve




i approve of gun wars very much



fuck yes



No u


me like


I think we need gun game added into the main game


Only in VIP servers.

Gamemodes that restrict weapon usage in the public main game is no fun.