Not rlly asking for him to be banned but suspended?


He was spamming the chat.
He spammed it 11 times and I told him to stop or else suspended.

He did it 5 more times…



a: Votekick
b: 90% sure you can manually block Roblox Players so you dont see their chat.
c: 90% sure there is a auto-kick/mute system for people spamming chat.


Oh…thanks :slight_smile:


only if they repeat the same thing, though mods do have ability to mute or chat ban


How many times do they have to repeat the same thing before something happens


Just turn off chat. What importance is the chat other than screaming “i shot u first wtf”?

  1. Ignore.

  2. Turn off chat.

That works, too


I decided to read the chat. I think it’s really funny that just because you’re a user of the Forum, you think that you can just summon devs to shut people up.

well I got news for ya, you can’t.


“Looking at the chat”…