No u [The no u thread] TM




nee jij


No me…


нет ты


no u


нет ты


нет ты


нет ты




no u


Revive screeeeee




Sorry, but I have just instantly destroyed this whole Thread.


No u


No U





Negative word in a sentence used to deflect a homo sapiens verbal insult to my brain also known as



prepare for massive verbose

Sequential ordering of particular digits created by the individual organic thinking entities, commonly known as “humans”, which they use to express disagreement and / or negativity with an approach made by another individual belonging to the biological group previously named. The previous level of negativity is directed towards a specific organic thinking entity, which in the languages ​​is commonly expressed with the pronoun “You”, but nevertheless, in this exceptional occasion, its length of three alpha-numeric digits has been reduced to an alpha numeric digit, which the aforementioned entities know as the “Letter U”, which they use to reduce the pronunciation time of the previous pronoun as well as their replication time in any surface, action known as “writing” . The previous statement expresses a negative to an individual belonging to the biological ordering of organic thinking entities known as the “human” species and returns any estate, argument and / or insult directed towards the subject itself.


TL;DR: idk no u


Ayy lmao, 100 posts…