Nickcostley, Where Are You?



I know this is a big fat shitpost but I just realized Nick has not been seen here for a while.

Is he only on discord now?

is he dead?

Did he abandon this website?



He appears occasionally

For god sake, nick may be busy in life. Chill bro


I killed him


Nick is living an actual life, unlike our fat, lazy assed selves.

Oh yeah, he also plays basketball.

Maybe that helps you out a bit more.



With what?


My deck


A M60 muhhahahahahahaahahahahahahahah

jk jk plz don’t kill


You killed Nick, Now I kill you!!!


I appreciate the concern, but yea, I was busy, could get on discord somewhat often. When I wasent busy, I got addicted to War Thunder. (SUBMARINE UPDATE IN WAR THUNDER 31st to 3rd)


Ill be on more often now.




Awww I wish I could play war thunder but my computer is a potato


My PC is a potato too. But it runs War Thunder