"New User of the Month" badge?



Is this something new added to Discourse as a platform, or did @toothless added this?

But the idea seems great!


it just brings me to the home page…



Kay then

Go to the triple line menu > press “Badges” > look for a bronze Star with the said title > the two users should be @Chroniton and @BattleWiner



i definitely agree they should both get that


i shuld get it tho


He wasn’t suggesting that they should get it, he was saying that they are the users that have it.


you have been here for a while though.
@Popcorn897 : oh lol


Brings me to the homepage too lol


so? what does being here for a while have to do wit anyting


It’s new user of the “month” not year. So it’s for new people that have joined in the past month, i’m sure that is what it is. So idk why there aren’t more.


i joined in the last month!!!11!1!1112111111!!111!!!111eleven!!1111!1!111!!!11!!!11111


…oh…then i guess you were not chosen as the two top. Sorry…


boi i need to teach you something if someone has a lot of 1 and ! in a post ignore it its a joke k?


dude idk what the heck you meant by that, maybe fix spelling and grammar?




Meh, I don’t need it but glad I have it.


if theres a lot of 1s and !s in a post ignore it its a “shitpost”



how the jesus did you?..