New stylis forums layout

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Ima just be honest here, not too keen on it.
So I shall begin on what I think can be improved:

  1. Guy should be closer to text

  2. Not too keen on font (ik it’s custom) something like bebas or gobold would suit better imo

  3. The fact that the bottom of this guy isn’t on the page break annoys me

  4. Not too keen on the idea of having serif fonts on an FPS game forum

  5. Maybe add option to change background colour??

  6. Think that the two logos should have same colour

  7. Also feel like empty spaces need something (whether some art or maybe enlarge the text as a whole)

What do you guys think of new layout?
Prefer this one or the old one?


I prefer the old one, it had more contrast to all this white blankness…

It is too bland for me e_e


Indeed I agree. Thought I really think we should have

A light mode and dark mode


Gibme dis


I want.
Kommunis approve.

  • Indonesian Language
  • Indonesia does not want Komunis


In all seriousness, the font is triggering me