New Steyr Scout, Multiple FAL, G3 variants + Returned guns + more [Test place news #24]


What’s different about it?


i dont see any change


the sky looks very nice.

Christmas filter ?


Voxel Lighting tech.

New shit on studio that changes lighting tech basically

TL;DR: Basically an HDR filter


Oh! Hey you are back :smiley:


For now


You’re right. Maybe I’ll post some stuff


now cue a snowy tundra map and some Aurora Borealis

best map ever <3


The new lighting in the test place makes me use the flashlight.

They’re actually useful now.


…and they’re a crutch. If you don’t have a flashlight, you’re hindering yourself.

Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

(Halloween 2017 did the exact same shit and it wasn’t good)


Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?


My birthday is today.
Phantom Forces is now 2 years out of Beta.
No update.

Stylis, why u do this to me?


reverts updates back to demo version


Hey, at least the hitreg is better and there’s no falling glitch…


I always liked the beta version better than the current version.


Stolen from Biddin in the Discord server.

That Final fantasy (?) sword looks dope


So, a weird sword.
An umbrella.
The crowbar that’s already added.
The stunstick that’s in the test place.
The tomahawk that’s in the test place.
The Ice Pick that’s already added.
Another baseball bat.
A bullet.
A pool cue.
A switchblade.
The brass knuckles that are in the test place.
And the night stick that’s in the test place.

Boy, Tell Biddin to make the frkn Frying Pan.


that isnt the right brass knuckle btw
biddin’s aren’t spiked or curve cut.


there is a frying pan.

It’s confirmed from Mar.