New Steyr Scout, Multiple FAL, G3 variants + Returned guns + more [Test place news #24]


zip 22 is still garbage with a firerate of 750. cmon, it can take almost a full second to kill someone at max range.




Honestly the Groza-1 needs a buff


For once I agree with him


Honestly the Groza-4 needs an extended mag.


Nah it needs a rpm buff of like 750 .


I say it needs an extended mag, and I am the Groza master.



No more extended mags.


your boi gonna become a scout master.As someone who uses the fastest snipers(Mosin ATM) i’m gonna pop heads like crazy with this thing


Yes more extended mags.


Kriss Vector extended mags intensifies


Ump 45 used to have extended mags


In what stage of the game?




figures,when I tried CTE but it was to laggy for my windows XP to handle at that time so I only played it once




New - er UI is now in the test place. Looks very similar from the tank background from beta I think. They made the background based on the map that is being played.


screenie or it’s not real



UI is still the same???


You are blind