New Steyr Scout, Multiple FAL, G3 variants + Returned guns + more [Test place news #24]



I mean, unless you’re feeling fucking suicidal, it’s not like they were practical options anyway.


What’s a zero cutter?


Something that will max out credit cards everywhere.


It’s a trowel Chosen One.



Wanna know who did that?


Go make Marism a religon my son.


Please fucking fix the hitboxes so a backstab actually counts as one. Hitreg for melees is broken as fuck.


Please add a magnifier for the EOtech sights so people use them more often


So apparently I’ve heard the zero spread thing for the Obrez and SFG is a bug.

If that’s the case…

Then bugs literally made guns more relevant than the devs ever could.

But then that means they’ll probably rush to “fixing” that bug faster than they could fix the fucking falling glitch.


Not all bugs are created equal, some are out of their control or much more difficult to fix.


Some bugs are good, though they are rare (like the 3-hat bug in Roblox that eventually was made official)

Then there are bad bugs. Like, 99% of them.


New scope for Steyr Scout:

Leopuld M8-4X
Kills: 1500
Magnification: x4


There goes my skin collection


dAyUm thAts oNE sEXy sCope


oh sweet i was literally just thinking that the scout should get buffed to have 75 rpm


I, for one, think that is a good thing.




I see the caliber finally changed.


Now we have a set of CS:GO guns,


Lito confirms:
Another UI remake.