New Steyr Scout, Multiple FAL, G3 variants + Returned guns + more [Test place news #24]


You could always buy it


so a primary zip 22 in a way


no it shouldnt but it also sshouldnt be that high of a rank either


no it isnt zip has a 780 fire rate and takes about 10 bullts to kill while scout takes 3 shots maximum if you dont hit a headshot


i’m saying as it has the lowest ttk in it’s class without headshots like the zip


the low damage of the Steyr Scout should belong to more skilled players because most of the time they’d be the ones who are more likely to hit their shots rather than low ranks

I’m not saying low ranks are undeserving, but they should practice with the Intervention, which honestly is better than the Scout in CQC since it’s able to one shot.

in which the scout, even if the enemy stubbed his toe, he’d still survive your shot. so there’s that.


which makes the nagant better in everything other than the RPM and capacity


Have you seen the walk speed of the Steyr Scout?


are you sure about that?

id say the Scout and Nagant are more or less on par with each other.

  • at full health, both cannot one shot enemies. - both are already very fast for the sniper category
  • both have usable iron sights
  • you can one shot at every range if you hit the head
  • if you miss, you can reposition your aim quickly


  • in CQC, Nagant does better as it will 2 shot faster than the Scout can 4 shot
  • in range, Scout will be able to correct aim faster
  • the most important point, when aiming while moving, the Mosin is actually more stable than the Scout
  • the Scout is lighter than the Mosin
  • the Scout has 10+1 rounds in one mag while Mosin has 5

TL;DR: pragmatically, Scout is good for people who want to be fast and accurate, Mosin is good for people who want to be stable and accurate


also you forgot you can cancel the reload on the mosin like a shotgun but unlike the shotgun you can fill your clip if you fired all your shots,


New melee!

The Tomahawk, Stunstick, and the Zero Cutter!

due to the fact that I have school tomorrow, I can’t get screenshots

Also, all guns are back.


test place is beyond broken rn
5 fps with a $350 gpu


Devs are going crazy.
So much new content!


Christmas update will be gr8



SVK12E: like AN-94 except it sucks

Steyr Scout: me like

PK-12: Amazing holdout weapon.


Can test out (and update this thread) in 8 hours from now.

School is in the way.
If they remove it, I’ll go mentally insane.




Tomahawk is a rank unlock, the stunstick and zero cutter is case unlock


So I have been saving up Starter skins and credits for a good reason.



Scout three hit kills not four