New Steyr Scout, Multiple FAL, G3 variants + Returned guns + more [Test place news #24]


advanced stats and shit here


Mad Minute Lee Enfield intensifies


by the time you reached the high ranks your pretty much burned out


d-d-did you buy it?
me sad now


yep :smiley:


Yeah, and? High ranks are given more content.


plz donate for scout


Well I don’t want to grind every day to get a gun at a high rank only to find out it’s trash.


Have you heard of a completionist?


Ever heard of infinite ranks?


Therefore it’s not possible to get 100% completion in Pf.


You’ll still get every single weapon of the game


and be able to put a bt on everything to people triggered


Steyer scout can one shot headshot from all ranges with 100 firrate and 10 rounds. That’s faster than the mosin.
Min damage 35
Multiplier 3.0
35 x 3 = 105
Quikk mafs


”hit your shot you nub”


I’m not a sniper so I have no garantees


but torso shots only do a fucking 38.5 damage min and 49.5 damage max


That’s why you gotta hit your shots


It needs to be a low rank gun


but not everyone is perfect so if you miss you are either screwed or you can recover fast enough to shoot another bullet
not to mention it takes 3 bullets to kill maximum