New Steyr Scout, Multiple FAL, G3 variants + Returned guns + more [Test place news #24]


There are? Gotta check.

Oh, there was someone that wanted the SVK-12E!

Oh yes!

(Someone secretly calling that their favorite map)


Main game update!

Capture The Flag, Ravod revamp, Highway Lot revamp and the map “Luck” have reached the main game!


time to play bed defense!


Hypo is on moments ago, n I got to play one of the Cor5 maps

*Other things to note, spawning at teamates is disabled during CTF


They removed everything from the test place before I got a chance to test SVK-12E.

Internal rage


Also test place b4 update:


I see crane in the middle of the map.


Man down! I repeat, we have a man down!


F for respect


Now to the news, The modeller of the Phantom Forces BFG 50 was shot in the head today by a noob using the victim’s own BFG 50, Witnesses say that the murderer was 212 studs away from the victim, Police are still trying to find this man.


The guns are Back!


Today at the test place:
-All test place guns are back, including the new SVK12E, a 2-burst fire DMR!
-Baseplate map got a revamp!

*also more Cor5 maps, currently supporting CTF gamemode






piss off, bot


Thank you for helping.


They already removed that.



First of all, everything mentioned here by @RadKrad

And now everything in short:


  • All weapons and attachments readded!
  • MC51 renamed to MC51SD.
    • This is the actual real life name, The MC51 itself is not suppressed.
  • SVK12E is now a 2-burst DMR at 1000 RPM!
    • The moderators have said that Mar wants to test out what would happen if there was a 2-burst DMR.
  • Increased the MSG90’s damage from 50-41 to 50-45!
    • Always one hit headshot up close.
    • Deals 90 damage far away, If the victim received atleast 10 damage, 1 headshot will kill him.


  • AS VAL: Buffed damage range from 40-75 to 50-85!
  • M16A3: Buffed minimum damage range from 120 to 145!
  • AK-47: Body multiplier decreased from x1.1 to x1.0!
  • SCAR-H: Changed damage from 40-32 to 41-29!
  • SCAR PDW: Nerfed fire rate from 650 to 625!
  • M3A1: Head multiplier decreased from x1.6 to x1.4!
  • MP40: Head multiplier decreased from x1.6 to x1.4!
  • Sledgehammer: Buffed front damage from 55 to 57!
  • Sledgehammer: Buffed back damage from 105 to 120!


Mar has listened!

dammit son


Commence operation nerf every gun that we buffed to make somewhat useable!


…and SCAR-H is once more obsolete at range to what is supposed to be the WEAKER SCAR-L.

I struggle to find what’s overpowered about the M3A1 and MP40’s headshot multipliers.

Conclusion: it’s New Steel all fucking over again. Nerfing/buffing shit that didn’t need a nerf/buff.

“SVK-12E is a 2-burst DMR”
We already have that. It’s called the AN-94.

I mean, unless it 2-hits up close, in which case GIMME.


It can 2-hit headshot up close with 1 burst.